Rainbow Mountain Full Day Hike

Take a 6-hour hike through the painted hills of Rainbow Mountain. Experience the beautiful landscape of the Andes. Marvel at views of snow-capped mountain peaks, interact with the native mountain people, look for local wildlife and more.

Wild Amazon Tour To Tambopata 5D/4N

This is a fantastic tour being offered by WASAI Lodge and Expeditions to offer a genuine rainforest wilderness experience and an excellent opportunity to see some of the wildlife that Tambopata is famous for. A complete program which combines the comfort of beautiful lodges with the experience to spend a night camping in the Bahuaja Sonene National Park.

Macaw’s Clay Lick & Sandoval Lake 4D/3N

Travel to the amazon and begin your amazon trip filled with adventure, with possibilities to find wild animals and the most attractive landscapes of Tambopata : The amazing macaw clay lick «collpa» in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park and the wonderful Sandoval lake in the Tambopata National Reserve. This program includes walks through the National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National park . A special amazon tour for nature lovers in the heart of the Peruvian amazon.

Amazon Expedition Tambopata 3D/2N

Travel to the amazon in search for an complete trip, full of adventure, with possibilities to find wild animals and the most attractive landscapes: The amazing macaw clay lick «collpa» in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park ; recommended for people with short time, special for birdwatchers.

San Pedro & Ayahuasca Amazon Andes

Hello, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Victoria Hughes and have also been given the name  of k’uychi by my q’ero maestro, Don Manuel Quispe. In quechua, it means rainbow. I write this introduction so that you will understand why I have named my healing home K’uychi Son’qo.  K’uychi son’qo means rainbow heart and your first visit here you will  understand the name.  I have been blessed with being the guardian of an acre of land in the countryside of the  sacred valley.  My neighbors say this

magical property and the land adjacent used to be called ‘the land of the spirits’.

It is no coincidence I have been chosen to be here.

Around 18 years ago upon one of my first visits to Peru I was introduced to the magical world of plants; wachuma and ayahuasca.  I was privileged to work with the two best plant teachers (my wachuma teacher being from cusco and my ayahuascaro from a native pueblo close to Puerto madonaldo) and worked with them both all these years to learn the secrets of working with the two most powerful plant spirits in the world.  (actually the longer story started when I was 14 years old)

Now I am ready to start offering diets to those more serious in connecting with the plant world.  Your intention could be to do physical healing, or maybe you have something that happened emotionally to you and you cannot go forward.  The two plants also work on your mental health and finally the spiritual body.  If one of them is not working in harmony then none of them work in harmony.  I work with both plants in my diets because I feel they compliment each other.  We can always go into further detail if you chose to write me and/or commit to do one of the diets outlined below.

I work in unison with a wonderful jungle travel agency called Atalaya Travel Peru.  I have to admit that the owner of this agency is a dear friend of mine.  A sister really.  She is a really powerful woman who has many projects in the jungle.  One is a beautiful eco-friendly lodge.  My favorite part is, of course, what I like to call the goddess waterfall.  This waterfall has it’s own healing abilities and is nothing less than magical.  So now to get down to business and describe the possibilities of dieting with us.

We offer three different diet packages and in the future more.  The first diet is a two week diet.  If this is your first time with the plants I would suggest doing this first so that you are comfortable and have a good relationship with the plants and, of course, me  I would ask that each person interested to write to me and tell me something about themselves.

Two week diet:  What is included?